Current Modifications List

This post will serve as a continually updated place where I discuss my current (public) modifications list. From time to time I’m under NDA for certain parts, so they may not be reflected. Overall, this should be current. Broken down into engine, drivetrain, suspension, and safety sections.

Current as of September 2022
– DS1 Tuned by Darin, E50 (flex tune) on track
– STM Intercooler
– Unitronic 4” Intake
– Unitronic 4” Turbo Inlet
– STM Midpipes
– Unitronic catted high-performance downpipe
– Black Forest Industries Engine/Transmission Mounts
– Winter 21/22 we pulled the engine out and had it rebuilt to factory spec/tolerances (occurred around 58k miles)

– front brake caliper upgrade
– Wavetrac front limited slip differential
– Girodisc front rotors
– Neuspeed RSe11r 18×9.5 et45
– Accelera 651 Sport 200tw 285×35
– Vagbremtechnic rear rotor kit, 356mm S8 rotors
– Carbotech XP12f/XP10r pads
– JXB drive shaft center support

– Ground Control Camber plates (RS3 specific)
– 529 Innovations/Ultimate Motorsports shocks
– Eibach (for GC) 2.5” springs, front and rear (450lbs front, 650lbs rear; then increase front rate with spring rubbers)
– JXB bushings rear
– Neuspeed rear sway bar (stiff fitment)
– 034 end links (front and rear)
– 034 locking collars
– 034 dogbone
– 034 rear stiffeners
– 034 rear toe links
– 034 rear upper camber arms
– Whiteline lower front ball joints
– Magride deleted via computer
– JXB front lower control arms with caster offset

– Roux SA2020 Helmet
– Sparco Ergo Drivers seat
– RaceTech passenger seat
– Schroth Profi II 3×2 6 point ASM harnesses
– Studio RSR 4 point roll bar
– Simpson Hybrid-S HANS
– Racequip gloves
– Simpson shoes
– Simpson Driving Suit
– 10lb Halon Fire Extinguisher w/ passenger seat mount
– 15lb AFFF-R integrated fire suppression system with interior + exterior pulls

Additional Equipment (Aero, Cooling, Etc)
– Aerofabb rear diffuser (Max 3 class legal)
– 9 Lives Racing 71” rear wing w/ 1665 15” pylons
– FasterSkunk Racing Birch custom front splitter w/ airdam which replaces the entire belly pan
– Rear seat removed
– AIM MXm w/ SmartyCam v2.0
– Front brake temperature sensors
– STM Lightweight battery kit
– Custom brake ducting with dust shields for direct rotor cooling
– Custom CoolSuit cooler w/ dash mounted switch

Other Information
– As this car is now predominantly a track car, the brake pads are XP12/10 on the street during the season, and I just let them squeal.
– The MXm pulls from the CanBus for the power train.
– I’ve got an exhaust valve controller installed so that I can do quiet early morning startups.
– I use spring rubbers to fine tune the rates of my springs.
– My front brake ‘scoops’ have been removed from the car. We found that the splitter does a great job of taking the majority of the air out from underneath, so they really weren’t doing anything anyways.
– Carbon Fiber hood with venting above the intake area

Next Steps:
– Honestly, I have no idea. The care has been rather reliable thus far, and I’m still finding time with the current setup. My next competition will be run on Bridgestone RE71RS to see how they fare, but I’ll have my trusty Accelera 651 Sport’s ready to go – just in case 🙂

4 thoughts on “Current Modifications List

  1. Scott Dellinger May 27, 2021 — 8:03 pm

    Love your articles and appreciate your improvements. Have done much the same mods to my 2015 S3. Pretty much everything from 034 Motorsports. Installing the Wavetrac over next few weeks – did you have make any adjustments via OBD11 or VCDS?


    1. Hey Scott! Thanks for the comment and feedback!

      Take a look at the XDS settings. With the front wavetrac you’ll likely want “weak” or “off” so that it doesn’t righty against the built in traction control. You’ll need to play between weak or off depending on how well your car rotates. Good luck!


  2. Hey Rob! I see you have Girodisc rotors and an awesome pic of them glowing in a turn. I just got 034 rotors, and after 3 track days managed to crack both of them. Have you ever had this issue w/the Girodiscs?
    See pic:


    1. Hey AJ, unfortunately I’ve been starting to hear that the metal that 034 used simply cannot withstand the track use that we are throwing at it.

      I’ve certainly cracked girodisc, but it took 18 days of extremely hard use before they even started to show signs of cracking, and the cracks were not “all the way” just to the edge (which is close enough for me!)

      For a “normal” track user, I would expect 25-30 days of track use before a replacement of rings is necessary.

      What pads are you currently using?


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