About Me

Hi – I’m Rob! And this is my “Space” to discuss things that interest me, or that I think somebody else may find interesting or useful.

I’m a 30-something Software Solutions Architect living in the Washington, DC/Northern Virginia area with my wife and four cats. We live along a waterway that feeds into the Potomac, and enjoy boating each summer. I also enjoy fast cars, snow skiing, traveling, electronic gadgets, and model railroading. As a side hobby, I do auto detailing, as well as mining alt-coins.

My plan is to keep this blog updated with various things that have interested me, or that i’ve done recently that may be able to help somebody else in a similar situation. This could include reviews of travel, electronic devices, techniques for cleaning cars and/or boats, as well as setting up for mining rigs.

Feel free to reach out and make suggestions or comments on the blogs if you wish!

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