What Do You Take to a Track Day?

When I did my first track event many moons ago – I took everything I had, which candidly wasn’t much! A torque wrench, tool box with assorted sockets, tarp, camping chair, and a cooler… Everything else was literally by the grace of strangers, even down to the paper towels!

During my most recent foray back into track events, I found that I had much more equipment in the garage. That said, I don’t tow my RS3, so space is at a premium. I couldn’t put my hands on a specific list of “stuff to take”, so I’ve made one to share.

Having just come off of what I’d consider my bare-bones track day supplies, I’m going to provide the list and make a few suggestions (both for readers as well as myself) for the next event(s).

I’ll divide this into a few sections – For the car, and for myself. Anything with an asterisk (*) should be absolutely mandatory, period.

For the car:

This is going to be all about what it takes to ensure the car makes it through the event happy and healthy:

  • Tire air pressure gauge* – Preferably the kind with a button on the side to let air out while the gauge is still attached to the valve stem
  • Torque Wrench* with appropriate non-scratch sockets (17mm for me)
  • 20v Impact wrench (not required, but helpful to loosen things if needed…)
  • 20v Air Compressor (to fill the tires back up for the drive home)
  • 20v battery + 12v charger (or inverter + regular wall charger…)
  • 1 quart of extra motor oil* (more if you know your car burns a bit)
  • Extra DOT4 brake fluid* (because you have surely flushed to DOT 4 by now…)
  • Brake/motor parts cleaner
  • 11mm wrench (bleed brakes)
  • Brake bleeding tube
  • Empty oil bottle (to catch fluids, in case)
  • Parts Cleaner
  • McKee’s 37 All-Purpose-Cleaner*
  • Funnel
  • Roll of paper towels*
  • Mckee’s 37 Window & Glass Cleaner*
  • Windshield RAM mount for iPhone
  • TrackAddict (I use it on an iPhone; they have it available for Android, too)
  • Gopro + Charger +memory card
  • White Chalk – Put this across your tires, do a lap or two can come in. This should help tell how your tires are wearing.
  • Duct Tape* (hey, you never know!)
  • 6-way screwdriver*
  • Razor Knife
  • Multi-Tool*
  • Head-Lamp
  • USB Backup size jump-box (useful to charge phones, too!)
  • A few straps/ratchets

For my comfort/safety

  • Appropriate helmet for the event*
  • Helmet sock
  • Tarp* (put this down, then put all your stuff on it – if it rains, just tie the corners of the tarp together and roll everything over – bam – waterproof!)
  • Hoodie (for spring/fall events)
  • Ball cap* (helmet head…)
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Some events do require long-sleeves (and long pants… assume *all* require closed toe shoes)
  • Cooler with water/gatorade/tea* – bring enough to share!
  • Snacks* – granola/cliff bars
  • Camping chair*
  • Pop-up tent – Optional, but this can make a lot of friends if you’re caught in the rain/snow or just bright sun! It’s also worth mentioning that you will have plenty of stuff to tie off to, and if others join you, ask them for their jack/jack stands for added weight.
  • Work Gloves
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Advil*
  • Sunscreen*

For Rain Events

  • Pop Up Tent* (mandatory)
  • Waterproof* (Gore-Tex) Shoes
  • Change of Socks*
  • Rain Jacket*
  • Waterproof containers* (keep things dry)
  • Two towels for drying the interior post-run* (and potentially yourself!)

So, this pretty much wraps up what I typically take… sometimes more, sometimes less. Yes, it all fits in the car with the seats folded down. Now, I couldn’t fit an extra set of wheels with it, but I’m not at the point where I really want/need to do that. I’m happy on summer tires for the track, which means I can drive them back and forth with ease.

Most of the things listed are likely already somewhere in the garage. The biggest “cost” I had was the time that it took to find it all and put it together. I think I needed a couple of Rubbermaid tubs to help keep things dry, and that’s about it!

If I’ve forgotten something significant, please post in the comments below and I’ll get it added to the list!

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