First Post – Spring Cleaning!

So – It’s actually Spring! But Mother Nature had other ideas. It snowed around 3 inches today in Stafford, Virginia, and that’s rather unfortunate when you have a few goals for Spring cleaning. My wife enjoy the warmer weather for a few different reasons – boating is amongst them. I also enjoy cleaning/detailing our vehicles. That said, I’m left with 4 items to get ready for the warm season, and I’ll break them down one by one as to the items I’ll be going through. As I go, I’ll also be posting reviews of the tools and chemicals used to get everything into top shape.

First up, the cars:

2018 Audi RS3…

  • Summer wheels and tires: I’ve been driving on a set of 19×8 “cheapest thing on tire” specials wrapped in 235/35R19 Continental DWS06 All Season tires for most of the car’s life. I’m quite excited to get back to the Audi staggered (19×8.5 front, 19×8 rear) with Pirelli P-Zero 255/30R19;235/35R19 that the car came with. Unfortunately, these tires are notorious for being underwhelming in the cold (ie: they don’t work below 40 degrees!), so it was a safety issue that I can now move away from
  • Full Detail (Including Ceramic coating by McKee’s 37) – I’ll do a full post on the process to be used here.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • This guy drives up and down I-95 quite a bit, and needs a good detail and cleaning, including ceramic coating (McKee’s 37 kit, again)

2006 Super Air Nautique, SV-211

  • Full Detail of the bilge, interior, and hull. I’ll be applying a ceramic coating to the entire hull of this boat *BEFORE* it goes into the water. This boat will be lift kept on the water for the year. Once on the lift, I’ll float under the boat and knock out the spots that the bunks covered.
  • Fresh-Air-Exhaust – I’ve already ordered this, however I cannot access the back of the boat to take measurements

2005 Sea Ray Sundancer 260

  • With it’s navy blue hull sides, I’ll be getting my hands dirty (with the help of a neighbor) going through this boat and getting it prepped to also accept a ceramic coating for the season.
  • Full outdrive rebuild provided by Mad Jack’s Marine, to include replacement and refinish of the Mercathode system + re-paint the outdrive
  • New twin 4-blade propellers for the Bravo III outdrive
  • New 12″ Subwoofer + Amp
  • Waterproof all canvas with 303 aerospace water protectant spray
  • FM short-range transmitter so that when we “raft up” everybody is blasting the same music.


So – I’ve got my work cut out for me on the vehicles! More information, how-to’s, reviews of products, and additional info should be following shortly, so stay tuned!

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